Sunday, 2 November 2014


Over the last  couple of months having enjoyed the Great British Summer mostly lounging around the Pembrokeshire  County watching the world go by time has finally caught up and it is probably  good to sit back and put some thoughts together.  today for example I would normally have been the Church Organist in the Priory Church in Pembroke at 9.15am and then Organist in United Reform Church in Pembroke at 11am.  This of course leads to a double recipe of thoughts for the day from not totally opposing angles.   Sufficient to say that we sing from the same hymn sheets, we read; learn; digest  appropriate extracts from the Bible and those in attendance go away feeling a little more at ease within than when they arrived.  This is of course entirely personal to the individual and I would be the last to go thumping the Great Book to anyone, as I have fallen by the wayside so many times, to try and impress what a good boy I have been or even am would be absolutely hypocritical. Nonsense. None of us can.  However there have been some real up and down goings on within the community and the country since I last had a moan.  Scotland, by a majority decided that staying together was a better political place to be, than going it alone and having to fend for themselves in an unexplored jungle. A canny race the Scots, they know which side the bread is buttered. Nevertheless ever since the decision was declared there has been discord in the ranks and the political scene is, if you don't mind me saying, a bloody shambles.  Everything in the garden isn't so rosy in Wales either.  The mix up in Scotland has seen a surge in the rethinking of the National position amongst the Politicians with a renewal of the, can I say with tongue in cheek, a feeling that Home Rule could yet be round the corner.  There is the confusion in the Welsh Assembly over more devolution, poor education, poor health service, etc; etc.  Oh! and what about the state of the Local Authority in Pembrokeshire with slush funds being found to enable a quick exit by officials.  The situation is not much better in the adjoining County as well. Friends, there is worse to come, because the Welsh Assembly Government now wants to reduce the number of Local Authorities.  War is about to break out on that front because so many high paid officials and councillors will lose out!.  Now if we are expected to believe that there is going to be a root and branch sort out, we must believe that snowballs can survive in hell.  Moving to the centre of events in Westminster it seems to me that the population of this country of ours is totally confused as to where we are going to go.  I am a Tory.  At the moment I don't know why.  I cannot get my head around the notion that we can be governed by 'Career Politicians'.  They may very well have been to the Grand Universities of the land and have studied Confucius, Plato, Marx, and hundreds of others of grand ideas but they certainly have not been to the 'University of Life". Jones the Butcher in Newtown taught me that one!.  Judging by the way some of the grandest have frittered away our money; behaved themselves personally; and politically and ending in jail does not give me any confidence that we have the best process.  Moving to Europe where the biggest gravy train ever continues to roll along. Each day spilling fortunes into the pockets of the hordes administering the European Union whilst the most energetic part of the day is taken with sleeping and dining.  All this has been going on, whilst at the same time Europe and the Middle East is in chaos, our withdrawal from Afghanistan (Praise the Lord for that) is underway with mission incomplete (I am trying to be kind), but very very pleased that we are doing so. Well dear reader, you are probably thinking what the hell has brought this on.  I will tell you.  I passed many sporting grounds this morning on my way to Hospital.  No Priory or Tabernacle today for me.  The sports grounds were almost to capacity with children and parents goading the little ones into sporting combat.  The Priory, Tabernacle, and the other places of religion, could I say on reflection, were almost empty I can guaranteed.  Genesis, Exodus, Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John did not receive much of a hearing today. So what was good about today?  The National Health Service in Wales is not dying it is not in free fall.  It is working flat out.  A clinic arranged on a Sunday with truly professional caring staff and expert Doctors to take care of ME! and treat me to screen me and many others to prevent us from having bowel cancer.  They will be doing the same tomorrow and the dayafter.  It didn't hurt, it didn't cost me a penny.  I am so grateful to them all for their time and skill!