Friday, 27 March 2015


Last night saw our sitting PM and Wannabee in combat with Paxman. A brute of an interrogator who can put the fear of hell into his targets. Last night was no exception. For my part, because I am a blinkered Conservative, David Cameron was the slicker of the two with the aura of a statesman with knowledge and reality very much in view.  The other guy was doing his his best in wanting to be liked by asking questioners - "wots ya naime" (did you notice he included the "T" in his his words?) before answering - playing for time - slick trick.  Whatever.  A real low ball from Paxo to Dave as an opener, looking for the 'yes' or 'no' was fielded really well on the question of food banks, followed by a bouncer to check if he could live on the minimum wage. For goodness sake - no family could fulfil all the demands  of a daily existence could, so the answer was "No".  That threw my man Dave to go on the defensive for a while but he soon settled in and played a really good  innings.  The other bloke needs to go the memory clinic as he has forgotten the sordid state of affairs he and his gang left the country five years ago. We were bust. We have been going up hill ever since and now that the country has reached a  bit of smooth ground there is a serious possibility that we are going to crash back down. I really do get steamed up listening to Socialist Politicians. To be social is a good thing, to be a socialist in itself is not a bad thing provided they stay with feet firmly on the ground.  The problem is that they want to socialise everything with consideration of the cost and implication of making things easy, because that is what happens until the wheel falls off and the problems are passed on to the next team to sort out. Everything that (I"ll have to call him by his name) Mr Milliband,  (that hurt) came out with about 'caring for my country' was extreme left wing socialism and quite honestly I found frightening.  If he wins we will be bust again in no time. It will be last man out switch off the lights.  The only good feature to emerge from the Paxo grilling was at the end of it all my man seems by all accounts to have come out on top. That's good.  The next six weeks is going to be challenging.  I said to my friends the other day that I was going to get bored with the election.  Suddenly I am in the middle of it concerned, interested, gripped, avidly following progress and just about can't wait to get it over with a resounding Conservative Government. I think I will sell my shares in case that other bloke wins. No doubt there will be more on this.  Oh! Forgot - I have a Conservative sticker on my car!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Spring update

Last time I engaged on 'blogging' I was in a bit of a twisted situation with many issues playing on my mind.  The thought process was clear enough, the diatribe probably bewildering to those of you who took the time to read through it.  Obviously I survived Christmas, mainly because wife and I did not over indulge and have done quite well since.  I discovered that I was grossly overweight (everyone except yours truly knew that and made frequent comments) the upshot of which was to declare war on the flab by referring to the NHS Weight loss programme on this medium.  Believe me it works a bloody treat. I eat what I want in far less quantity; more or less given up the demon drink voluntarily and don't mind telling you feel quite good. Undergone a blood pressure test and much to the delight of the practitioner nurse it has come down quite well. As I write I am a full stone lighter than when I started and genuinely rearing to go forward to get rid of some more.  Already wearing things I thought of as 'had it' only a matter of weeks ago.  Another thing that has been ignited is my passion for a guitar and in that direction I found a second hand instrument which has been a really good find.  I have a really good musician to teach me and making really good progress and heading to performing 'house of the rising sun' in my own time.  X Factor look out.  Of course I cannot allow this spiel to proceed without reference to the 6 Nations Rugby Championships.  Sportsman as I am, it was disappointing not have come second in the table.  First would have been a bonus but reality rules that out.  Ireland were really deserving.  I still have this hangup about England (nearly all welsh Sportsmen feel the same) and them not being magnanimous in defeat.  Surely for one at least of their ranks to suggest that Italy and Scotland had not played their part, and the referee awarding a dodgy penalty to France was a bit silly. For my part every player was deserving the highest accolade as they all knew that the armchair experts would have drawn knives in their hands at the slightest error. Given the pace an intensity of modern rugby mistakes are bound to happen. It is all over now until the World Cup competition starts later in the year. More whinging no doubt.  Our little troupe of armchair experts went to Scotland for the Welsh -v- Scots challenge. Apart from the Rugby everything was quite good really.  Strangely I could not help feeling that the warmth of previous visits was not quite there this time.  That Independence thing was still very much in the air, and even now is hanging over our heads. The turmoil of that contest was nothing to compare with turmoil experienced on the Excursion train we took to Edinburgh and back.  I can tell you without any doubt that Wales have as many idiots to contend with as any other part of the UK.  What an awful lot of wasters, they  managed to spoil a really nice train journey.  Won't be doing that again!.  Maybe - if we managed to link up a train of sealed up semi refrigerated trucks and bundle the whole lot inside with no specific timetable for the train operator to adhere to, and the rest of us in Pandelino high speed comfort I would consider it. Whatever!.  A whole new estate of houses is going up in the land to the rear of my house.  I'm not going to suggest anything about the progress of the project but I do wonder if they will be still habitable in the equivalent time our older houses still are. A soakaway consisting of hundreds of plastic boxes (look like beer crates) have been sunk 5 metres into the ground and covered over with earth a few metres from my back garden. One way of getting rid of plastic waste.  Spring is definitely in the air with flowers blooming, weeds growing, grass needing cutting, not to mention  the birds that I have fed all winter twittering gaily and now responding to my calls to come for food. Wonderful.  I won't leave it so late before writing again.  I am in bouyant mood over my weight; can't wait for my sea going adventure in June; hoping that my good lady will have a positive result from her memory clinic of which I will have real concern. Until the next time cheers, chin up, and don't forget - Cemetries are full of indispensable people. And just in case you have forgotten or don't know  I will be voting Conservative!!