Friday, 27 March 2015


Last night saw our sitting PM and Wannabee in combat with Paxman. A brute of an interrogator who can put the fear of hell into his targets. Last night was no exception. For my part, because I am a blinkered Conservative, David Cameron was the slicker of the two with the aura of a statesman with knowledge and reality very much in view.  The other guy was doing his his best in wanting to be liked by asking questioners - "wots ya naime" (did you notice he included the "T" in his his words?) before answering - playing for time - slick trick.  Whatever.  A real low ball from Paxo to Dave as an opener, looking for the 'yes' or 'no' was fielded really well on the question of food banks, followed by a bouncer to check if he could live on the minimum wage. For goodness sake - no family could fulfil all the demands  of a daily existence could, so the answer was "No".  That threw my man Dave to go on the defensive for a while but he soon settled in and played a really good  innings.  The other bloke needs to go the memory clinic as he has forgotten the sordid state of affairs he and his gang left the country five years ago. We were bust. We have been going up hill ever since and now that the country has reached a  bit of smooth ground there is a serious possibility that we are going to crash back down. I really do get steamed up listening to Socialist Politicians. To be social is a good thing, to be a socialist in itself is not a bad thing provided they stay with feet firmly on the ground.  The problem is that they want to socialise everything with consideration of the cost and implication of making things easy, because that is what happens until the wheel falls off and the problems are passed on to the next team to sort out. Everything that (I"ll have to call him by his name) Mr Milliband,  (that hurt) came out with about 'caring for my country' was extreme left wing socialism and quite honestly I found frightening.  If he wins we will be bust again in no time. It will be last man out switch off the lights.  The only good feature to emerge from the Paxo grilling was at the end of it all my man seems by all accounts to have come out on top. That's good.  The next six weeks is going to be challenging.  I said to my friends the other day that I was going to get bored with the election.  Suddenly I am in the middle of it concerned, interested, gripped, avidly following progress and just about can't wait to get it over with a resounding Conservative Government. I think I will sell my shares in case that other bloke wins. No doubt there will be more on this.  Oh! Forgot - I have a Conservative sticker on my car!