Monday, 6 April 2015

Gold Milestone.

After fifty years together, two daughters; three grandchildren, and everyone ticking over quite nice, it has been a a weekend of togetherness.  Celebrations would have been easier to contend had it not been for the threat of possible dementia and the progressive nature of the condition upon lady of the house.  Currently putting a very brave face on the ups and downs of bygone recollections and knowledge that memory and memories are not what they used to be are a significant strain on us both.  However the last few days have been most rewarding from the point of view that we achieved fifty not out, and the delightful cake embellished in gold by the hand of our daughter Gaynor.  Her artistic skills evident from a very early age will never leave her and the our contribution in honing those skills through support and encouragement over the years are always  a joy to see.  Over the years there have been many ups and downs to deal with. I view the birth of children, not only our own but those of our respective sisters to rate very high in the ascending scale.  Alongside that there have been many sad events, indeed, one, most tragic and difficult to come to terms with.  For as long as I live, the memory of the loss my sister in law's little one in a Road Traffic Accident will never be erased. So much heartache. Following on from there was the regularity of the passing of so many of the family connections who left us under chronic illness and suddenness that at times one did not know what was likely to happen next. However like all families the ups and downs no matter how sad have to be taken on board and understood. We are not  immortal, The message of Christmas and Easter are both Christian events on which to hold on to.  Now! Being a trifle melancholy is not to be depressed. That I am not.  Realistic definitely.  Upwards and onwards, always look on the bright side.  Tomorrow will be a yesterday.  So much to look forward to, much more to achieve no matter how creaky the bones might tell you to slow down.  I have yet to say thanks to the wonderful people who have sent greeting and best wishes for our fiftieth wedding anniversary.  There is a reason.  It WILL follow. Yes! Despite the cool looking lady of Scotland making all sort of pronouncements, and the finger tipping gestures of the leader of HM Opposition accompanied by some theatrical stares into the camera to convince us to go for a new style of Government. (Sorry dear reader I am feeling sick.) (A political illness pause)

Ten minutes later!!

I have recovered now and I am still voting Conservative.  Blue to the end!!