Sunday, 3 July 2016

A Rant

My friends.  You will observe that I have resisted placing any new pieces of my ever diminishing mind for some time. The fact is that I have been quite busy with a great deal of in house difficulties and projects.

Time nevertheless has now caught up with me and arrives at a time when so much is happening in the wide world.  Since my last contribution the situation world wide has become extremely fragile with all and sundry apparently hell bent on destroying each other.  The crisis with ISIS and the widespread tentacles of their terrible acts of unadulterated carnage defy belief.  We well remember how a certain gentleman managed to raise his country into following him into a political ideal of supremacy only to find the whole concept collapse with the culmination of World War Two. 1914-18 was supposed to have been the war to end all wars, but yet we finished with a further six years or so of similar conflict and so called lessons learnt.  How wrong it has proven to be.  Whatever was learnt was short lived and there is now hardly a place on earth where nations fight nations, and people find stupid arguments to wage war against each other.

As a regular church goer, and I trust a faithful Christian it is extremely difficult to take the challenge thrown at like minded people from the new age of secularism.  Thumping the Great Volume is not my idea of attempting to achieve what I might see as normality.  It seems that the technological developments; advancement of education; the revolution of Darwin, has indeed succeeded in destroying those traditional teachings.  Yet - if we could only accept that the teachings of the Great Volume is one of the greatest pieces of historical information we will ever find. Attaching a belief and adopting the principles of the most basic human standards to our daily life has alas fallen upon the stony ground. Recovery, or restoration to some semblance of normality (Dare I say morality also) has probably been left too late.

Moving on to another aspect of rant leads me to that other part of my routine. Supporting the National Rugby Team.  Not a good year in every respect. However - as a Nation Wales sports men, and women perform well alongside the rest of the world in  most events and sports.  By and large we are good competitors and at the same time take losing gracefully.  That is good. I do wish though that all those armchair experts would cease to blast their useless expertise over the airwaves, press and social media.  No sportsman ever proceeds to the field of whatever competition with the mindset of losing.  For Gods sake Experts give us a break.  I think I have been down this road before!

Lastly.  The referendum.  What an unmitigated disaster that has been.  The Albatross landed firmly to destroy the career of a very astute Prime Minister and generated what has now become a political fiasco of the greatest magnitude.  What a bloody joke.  It is often said you do not do business with friends and relatives.  I know that to be a fact!. But are there any friends or acquaintances in Politics.  Evidently not. Is Turmoil a good adjective.  I think not.  The mother of all Parliaments has surely never experienced anything to compare with the events of last week.  This coming week will surely be equally eventful with the twists and turns of potential Prime Ministers. Ah! there is more - There is the question of an unholy war with the future of the leader of the opposition.  And yet more - The Scottish Lady is hell bent on total destruction of the United Kingdom.  Is the fresh air of Scotland of such quality to be able to fund it's isolation; UKIP in total disarray; Plaid Cymru not sure where the hat should hang and the European Union continuing to be lead by unelected Beaurocrats. Finally to make the great week ahead even worse than the last - what about the Chilcot report. Wow!!. The only plus we have is that the Wales Football Team might indeed win the European Cup.  What a turn up for the books that will be given everything that has happened in the recent weeks.  I'm off to continue learning my Guitar.  

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