Monday, 4 August 2014


Had the huge privilege yesterday of attending a Commemorative service under the direction of the British Legion at St Mary's Church St Clears and led by the Rev Canon Brian Witt.  I also had the privilege under the guidance of the Branch of The British Legion of wearing my Grandfathers medals awarded for his effort in the Great War.  Sadly he never had the honour of wearing them himself as he was killed.  Nevertheless his memory remains with us.  Fitting therefore that my sister was able to be with me and we shared in the poignant moments of the service, at the same time reflecting on the hard times our grandmother must have endured in bringing up her two sons as a widow, and the terrible depression which followed.  In death they were reunited and rest peacefully in the cemetery in Pwlltrap St Clears.  Today the press is full of historic items of the outbreak of the WW1.  It was supposed to have been a war to end all wars. Strange but true the roll call of the fallen at our War Memorial included men from our village of St Clears who had died in Egypt, Gaza, Gallipoli, and Europe.  How bizarre to reflect on the facts of WW1 and simultaneously having to appreciate the human slaughter still taking place in those very theatres of war now!. We dream on of the days when "War will be no more" and I suspect that I will not be around to see that happen. The certainty is that my 'War' will one day be no more.  I do not want to cynical about this as in one sense there should be a celebration also of thanksgiving for those who laid down their lives for me.  I reap the benefits of their sacrifices through the wonderful life I was given and  the thrill of having a family full of good health, experiencing some really good  times.  So thank you everyone of you brave men for the life you gave me, and especially Joseph Thomas REES, Died of Wounds, 27th May 1918.  Well done good and faithful servant.